Jon White
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I met Jon White first through one of his paintings when he was just a teenager. His canvass simply changed the weather in the room and I was stunned. I have rarely felt such an impact from a painting. I found a song in me. Watching his subsequent journey has been a joy, and I find in him and his work a depth and passion, a feeling, a revelation that demands a response. There is a deep optimism and compassion about Jon’s recent work that I ponder often. I live under the greatest conviction that there is greatness here.
The dream of a coffee shop began with a desire to create a space where people would feel invited to just come on in and really feel at home in a beautiful space. The “Beautiful, Broken, Invited and Forgiven” series, defines beautifully the culture we endeavor to cultivate at Keys & co. We truly feel honored to have such beautiful art on our walls and
love the life that they give out.
— Mylene Crocquevieille, Co-Founder of Keys & Co
When I look at each of these paintings, I do not experience an object separate and apart from myself, a canvas garnished with imagination that calls attention to itself. What I experience is a joyous anticipation, as shades of promise beckon me to linger, then draw ever closer. And when I do so, I discover that though my gaze is fixed before me, my mind’s eye has turned upwards, to look with longing on the Artist who drew all things into being. I hope that others encounter the invitations these paintings extend — the invitation to linger, to enter in, and discover a joyousness that awaits.
— Jordan Hall, Composer


The best art is never two or three dimensional. It is emotional, spiritual, an encounter with the other, with one’s self, with the divine. It speaks nonverbally to the soul: probing and provoking, questioning and suggesting, holding and comforting. Jon White does this - he is a mystic and his art speaks heart to heart.
— Simon Ponsonby, Author & Theologian.